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  • To settle your Injury claim direct with a claims representative, SMBI will document your file.
  • SMBI will not work with an attorney.
  • SMBI will not give you any legal advice. That is why an attorney is in business.
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  • Any attorney who advertises in my web site, is not a recommendation for that law firm. That will be your decision.

PLANNING your next step

We encourage you to review our web site. I have been involved in thousands of injury settlements. We do not discourage you from hiring an attorney. Just make sure he or she is experienced in personal injuries. Once you hire an attorney, we will not offer any services to you or your attorney.

Interview with Al Enyart –  First consultation is Free!

I work with a small staff of Legal Nurse Consultants and PA’s. I accept a limited number of cases. In order for me to make a decision on the validity of your situation, you must complete our information form and return it by email. I will return my response in less than two weeks.  I encourage you to read my disclaimer.