Analyzing a Contract and a Business Plan

Lexis-Nexis & SMBI
Professional Research & Claims Management
LexisNexis Assisting SMBI in research & valuation
of Bodily Injury Claims
1. Can I try SMBI before I purchase a plan?
a. Yes. Review Plan A for details

2. How many states do you cover in the USA?
a. All of them depending on what type of information you need for your injury. LexisNexis gives our company nationwide research on your injury and what jury verdicts depending on the plan you purchase.

3. If you are an attorney. Plan D
a. We can assist you on any documentation, but an intake form is necessary for me to determine what plan I would recommend.

4. I don’t have an attorney. Plan A or Plan D, E or F
a. If you just had your accident and you just located our website, you were fortunate as we can start from the beginning and work towards a reasonable and fair settlement for both you and the insurance.
Plan A – Free to all that complete the intake form.
• Our company will offer one Free LexisNexis report from the Lexis Advance program providing you complete our intake form. Once I receive the completed intake form, information will be returned to the client within two weeks or less.
• Maximum of 20 emails. Send or Receive
Plan B $600.00 (6 hours of Lexis research or phone conversations)
Lexis Advance
• Our usual rate per hour is $150.00 an hour. (Savings of $300)
• Maximum of 20 emails. Send or Receive

Plan D – $1200 (Ten hours of Advance and Verdict and Settlement Analyzer)
LexisNexis Advance and Verdict and Settlement Analyzer
• Our usual rate per hour is $150.00 an hour Savings of $300
• This plan will involve Al Enyart, our Physicians Assistance (PA) and the Legal Nurse Consultant(LNC).
• The programs include Lexis Advance and Lexis Verdict and Settlement Analyzer.
• Three employees will round table your intake form.
• Al Enyart will research your case using the LexisNexis programs.
• The PA and LNC will review all medical records.
• Unlimited email, texting and phone calls per TimeTrade.
Plan E – $2500.00
• You will receive Plan A, B, C & D.
• Hiring an independent public adjuster to do the ground work for your case.
• Independent public adjuster (Maximum of $500.00 for on scene investigation) Depending on the hourly rate, Al Enyart will give specific instructions and require the work to be done in a reasonable time.
• Depending on your deadline for filing suit, SMBI will work to report back to you by email of the progress with all personnel. We can communicate by phone = TimeTrade, email, text or skype.
Plan F – $300 a month
You will receive Plan B, C, D & E Plus:
• One user (Client Paralegal or Attorney) to stay in touch with Al Enyart, Claims Manager.
• Three hours of personal contact by attorney’s paralegal or attorney.
• Additional hours of personal contact $150.00 an hour.
• Minimum contract is 4 months. (Paid in Full at start of Plan F)
• Maximum of twenty search results from Lexis Advance and Lexis and Verdict and Settlement Analyzer.
• Complete of the Search Intake Form for each client search

Will my monthly/annual subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes, your subscription will automatically be renewed until you let us know that you’d like to change your plan or cancel your account.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can close or downgrade your account at any time by following the instructions here