Message to Attorneys

I started ECCI in 1999. My first case involved a fatality. Agent Bill D hired me to assist him in investigation. Bill settled the case with my investigation and his knowledge as an insurance agent. It was a limit’s case. Bill D would be happy to recommend ECCI.

I will be providing information regarding historical settlement results,. I worked with an insurance company for over 30 years. Obviously no names will be listed, just the facts.

If your law firm would like to use my services or would like to see any additional information, contact me by email. If you would like references from other attorneys or customers, send a request. I don’t believe too many law schools offer personal injury training and case evaluation similar to my background. Experience is important. I can save the public and attorneys a lot of time and money. My best advice is to stay away from filing suit. In some cases, the defense attorney ends up with more money than the plaintiff. Most of the time, they know the case much better then you do.

I had a staff of five people that did a professional job. The staff included (1) my office manager who was in charge of subrogation and retrieval of medical files. (2) My nurse was formerly in charge of the nursing staff, at our local hospital. She reviewed each file in the medical specials section and attended all mediations. All our documents were hard copy and scanned for distribution to the defense. (3) My second nurse, Sue is an RN but professionaly trained in Medical Malpractice. ECCI did not work on any Medical Malpractice cases. One of my nurses would attend all mediations to answer any questions regarding my client’s medical treatments. I had one field investigator and one Division Claim Manager. Every settlement required an attorney in charge of the entire case. No exceptions.

I have had several judges and mediators tell me I was doing the public and attorneys a good service. If you go to the web site http// and read the State definitions of the practice of law, you may agree the attitude is changing for the non-lawyer. It is not required to have a law degree to investigate, provide past settlement results and build a file for settlement and other non legal work.


I am not in the business to settle cases on site like I did in the past with my employer. is just an extension of ECCI. I provide information for customers  or attorneys so they receive a fair settlement. I was self-taught in computers and database designs. I designed a claims database for my previous employer and installed it in Iowa, Minnesota and Utah. I developed a forms manual assisted by my staff at my Division headquarters. I am building this web site with the help of Go Daddy Live Chat.

My Division I Claims Center in Waverly, Iowa  had 8 adjusters, 4 secretaries and one property damage adjuster.  We serviced 22 counties in Iowa. We averaged over $15 ,000,000 each year in payouts to insureds and claimants. I averaged over 800 to 900 pending personal injury cases in our office. I was required to set reserves for each injury.

Mediations was a common activity with all adjusters. Every two weeks I was involved in our home office claims committee in Des Moines, Iowa. We would discuss our exposure, value of the case, discuss liability issues and set company dollar authority for settlement. Our company attorney for claims was required to be at every claims committee meeting.

If you need my assistance on some case, I can prepare a file and develop a PowerPoint presentation for your firm. Providing a good file will keep you or our customers out of court. I have always said, “Any settlement before trial is the best settlement.”