Dental Malpractice

Dental Malpractice is not as involved as Medical Malpractice. I am presently working with a law firm regarding a unusual and rare incident that occurred to my client. The working relationship in this case started with the patient at the dental office preparing him for an extraction of #14.

During the process of sectioning the tooth to extract in pieces, the drill bit or dental burr fell out of the drill and was aspirated and ended up in the bottom lobe of the right lung. The dentist took full responsibility until he was advised of the investigation.  The dentist cooperated to a point. He paid my clients out of pocket expenses such as co-pay for Wellmark of Iowa. He paid for my clients additional farm labor when the client was laid up for over three months from a extensive right lung surgery to recover the dental burr that was aspirated during the dental appointment over two years ago.

He was not successful in negotiating a settlement on his own so he was forced  to hire a law firm experienced in malpractice cases. Trial is set for January 2018. I will keep this case active until an agreement to mediate or trial is started. Once the trial is started SMBI will remain in the background assisting in any way we can regarding all the research we completed prior to obtaining the attorney.

If the public has any questions regarding the investigation or the process of obtaining information from LexisNexis, I would be willing to explain our process to you or your law firm.

We are very please to report our involvement with LexisNexis.