Traumatic Brain Injury: Intro

TBI Traumatic Brain Injury is one of the most complicated claims to settle. My goal with this blog is to educate the public with all the information I can to provide for you and your family. This story will be a special blog for you to follow along with my actual investigation and the progress that we accomplished to get the client a reasonable valuation to present to their attorney. As a consultant and investigator, I put the facts together for an hourly fee and the case will be presented to an attorney of their choice. That is what happed in the case with Russ and Helen.

The story takes place in a small village in Iowa. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I will refer to injured person as Helen and her husband as Russ. This couple have reached retirement age and were looking forward to purchasing a retirement home overlooking a lake or river. They found one in a village that they felt was perfect. Older home, beautiful view and reasonably priced. Russ had been involved in real estate when they lived in their winter home. They wanted to come back home to the Midwest and be with their family. They were excited about moving back. They felt they had found their last home.

They met with the realtor at noon and looked over the home and the lot. They decided they wanted to have lunch and think about the purchase. Russ and Helen returned to the location and wanted to check out the property lines. Russ went down the lot, checked the property line and started back up the hill.  The lot was very hilly and it was a challenge to walk back up to the car. Russ got tired and sat down to rest  in the wooden swing to view the scenery.

Helen was in the car since she had a bad knee and could not do that much walking.  The swing was fairly close to the car so Helen walked down about 30 yards and sat in the swing with Russ. Within thirty seconds, the wooden swing collapsed and both fell backwards. Helen hit her head on the hard ground and immediately had a bad headache.

Russ was not injured and helped Helen back to the car. Russ called the realtor to leave a voice mail about what happened and apologized for breaking the swing.

When they arrived at home, Helen was still kind of sick to her stomach and still had a headache. The next morning she woke up very sick and unable to talk in clear words. She was taken to the emergency room in the village. They transferred her to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Check back on my next blog for the “rest of the story.” Al Enyart President of Settle My BI, Inc.