About SMBI

Allan oversees the operations of Settle My BI, Inc, which he founded in 1999. Allan is involved in every case. After the customer contacts SMBI, we will use our subscription with LexisNexis Advance, Jury and Settlement Analyzer and Nexis Microsoft “Office” to assist them in their settlement procedure.

Al will review the intake form developed and prepared by Mr. Enyart. We would like you to keep in mind, Al is not an attorney and he cannot give any legal advice.

  • In 1966 Allan went to work as a Field Claims Representative in
    Jefferson, Iowa for Farm Bureau Insurance Company of West
    Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Appointed 1991 as the Division 1 Claims Manager
  • On an average every 90 days, Al would review Bodily Injury
    Cases numbering from 800 to 1000 cases
  • Division I Under Al Enyart’s direction was the first field
    office to be computerize with the Farm Bureau Insurance
  • Al Enyart designed an ACT database for the Waverly office which
    eventually ended up in the home office.
  • Assisted in ACT installation and training in Iowa, Minnesota
    and Utah.
  • Al designed a form letter program for Waverly and other states.
  • Al was a Trainer in Colossus program.
  • He Retired in March of 1999.
  • Started Enyart Claims Consulting, Inc in June 1999.


  • Over $3,000,000 in mediated settlements
  • Allan does not mediate cases but prepares the files for